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Proudly making the finest lightweight kevlar canoes.  Handmade one at a time!

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Looking for a carbon fiber or kevlar canoe? We hand make each individual beautiful and lightweight canoe.  With four great models to choose from, we can make the perfect canoe for you!  Nighthawk Canoes offer the most enjoyable and trouble-free paddling experience available.  We bring a one-at-a-time, built-to-order, and handmade approach to high-tech kevlar canoes.  These beautiful watercraft feature unrivaled lightweight, durability, comfort and performance. Competitive Pricing-- Delivered to your door!

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Kevlar solo canoe

Columba - Solo Canoe

Now Available!

Cygnus Kevlar Canoe

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Handmade Kevlar Canoe

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Carbon Fiber 3-seat canoe

Nighthawk lightweight Kevlar canoes are built in Evansville, Indiana, with regular delivery to Madison, Wisconsin and Saint Paul, Minnesota.   We can set up your new kevlar canoe to fit your needs perfectly, and have it delivered to you quickly.   

Home delivery available throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and surrounding states. 

Kevlar Canoe shipping available within the U.S. and Canada.

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