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Drop-In Seat

Order a drop-in seat if you want to sometimes carry an extra paddler, or have a center solo paddling seat, but not always.  Adjusts in width to fit any canoe or placement, easily installs and removes without tools.

The drop-in seat is a convenient option if you will occasionally have more than 2 paddlers in your canoe.  The drop-in seat simply clamps to the gunwales of your canoe, and adjusts to the required width.  Works with Cygnus, Leo and Pegasus models.

 I recommend the drop-in seat for paddlers who want to use an extra seat, but not regularly.  An extra seat adds 3 pounds or so to the weight of the canoe, so if you will not use it very often, you can save the weight by using the drop-in seat.
An installed extra seat is a bit more comfortable, easier to paddle and will not interfere with a car’s roof rack.  The drop-in seat can be placed at any location… can serve a third paddler, or a solo paddler, or even let someone sit facing backwards in the center of the canoe for conversation.  I particularly like the Pegasus canoe set up with 3 seats plus a drop in seat.  That allows you to use the full 4-seat capacity if needed, but also have room for more gear if that’s what you need on another trip.
Think about how you want to use your canoe, and that will tell you which option is best for you.  An installed extra seat must be ordered with your canoe, but a drop-in seat can be ordered as an after-market accessory at any time.  Additional installed seats generally require adjusting the placement of the yoke.


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