Light, Strong, Beautiful Custom-Built Kevlar Canoes

Drop-In Seat

Drop-in seat is a clamp-on, temporary seat for an extra paddler or optional seat placement.

Adjusts in width to fit any canoe or placement, easily installs and removes without tools.

 I recommend the drop-in seat for paddlers who want to use an extra seat, but not regularly.  An extra seat adds 3 pounds or so to the weight of the canoe, so if you will not use it very often, you can save the weight by using the drop-in seat.
Compare this option with an installed “extra seat” option (with or without removable hardware).  An installed extra seat is a bit more comfortable, easier to paddle and will not interfere with a car’s roof rack.  However, it ads a few pounds to the weight, and has one fixed position.
The drop-in seat is more flexible.  It can be placed at any location.  It can serve a third paddler, or a solo paddler, or even let someone sit facing backwards in the center of the canoe for conversation.  I particularly like the Pegasus canoe set up with 3 seats plus a drop in seat.  That allows you to use the full 4-seat capacity if needed, but also have room for more gear if that’s what you need on another trip.


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