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I am very pleased to carry the full line of Bending Branches premium canoe paddles.  These are among the highest quality canoe paddles available.  Like our canoes, you pick the paddle you want… the perfect fit for your size, paddling style and canoe.  You are not limited to the few models that may be in stock at typical retailers.  I have a small selection of Bending Branches paddles on hand for you to try when we meet for your canoe demo.  From there, you can select and order the perfect model and length to go with your new Nighthawk Canoe.

The paddle order form is the last two pages of the regular order form… available for download in the Order Info and Pricing section.  Specs on the most popular paddles are below and more information is available on the Bending Branches website.

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How to Choose Canoe Paddles

Simply select model and size:

Size: To learn how to select the correct length paddle for you, click here.


  • Conventional Straight Shaft—Arrow
  • Bent Shaft—BB special, Java 11, Cruiser Plus 11
  • Lightweight—Java or Sunburst
  • XL Paddle Blade– Explorer Plus, Cruiser Plus 11 or Java

All of the paddles listed on the order form are premium quality, high performance paddles with comfortable handles, excellent craftsmanship, low weight, and Rockgard protection.

Performance Series paddles (Arrow, Explorer Plus, BB Special, Cruiser Plus) offer excellent performance, comfortable grips, respectable weight and enhanced durability.

Premium Series paddles (Espresso, Sun Shadow, Sunburst) feature excellent performance, beautiful wood laminations and are lighter than the performance paddles.

Straight Shaft paddles offer great all-around performance.

Bent Shaft paddles offer a more efficient and powerful paddle stroke, but can make maneuvering and turning more difficult. Typically you will need a bent shaft paddle about 4” shorter than your preferred straight shaft paddle length

XL Paddle Blade makes for a more powerful and efficient paddle stroke, but can be more work to use.

Impression—this is a canoe paddle for solo paddlers who want to paddle their canoe kayak-style, with a two bladed paddle. Most kayak paddles are too short to paddle a solo canoe. The Impression is specifically designed for canoes, and is therefore long enough to work well from a center-seat canoe.

58″ and 56″ are the most popular sizes for straight paddles.

54″ is the most popular size for bent paddles.

280 cm is the solo paddle for the Leo 17, and the 260 cm is the solo paddle for the Columba (Either work for the Cygnus).


Model Lengths* Blade Size Weight Configuration Price Each
Arrow 52”-62” 7.3”x20” 23 oz Straight $99.95
Explorer Plus 52”-60” 8”x20” 23 oz Straight $119.95
Java 52”-60” 8”x20” 18 oz Straight $139.95
Sunburst 52”-60” 7.9”x17” 15 oz Straight $214.95
BB Special 48”-56” 8”x20” 22 oz Bent $99.95
Cruiser Plus 48”-54” 8.5”x20” 23 oz Bent $129.95
Java 11 48”-54” 8”x20” 18 oz Bent $149.95
Sunburst 11 48”-54” 7.9”x17” 15 oz Bent $224.95
Impression 260, 280 cm 6.8”x19” 44 oz 2-Blade Solo $199.95

* Paddles are available in EVEN numbered lengths, within the range provided.

I have listed the most commonly used canoe paddles on the order form, but you can order any Bending Branches or Aquabound paddle through Nighthawk Canoes.  If you find a model on the BB website that you want, just let me know what you want and I’ll confirm the price and order it for you.

Paddles ordered with a canoe: Paddles will be delivered/shipped at the same time as your canoe and require no extra shipping charges. You may write in the paddle order in the “Notes” section of your canoe order form. The dollar amount of the paddle order must be added to your deposit.

Paddles ordered without a canoe: I will ship paddles to you for a $15 charge, or you may save on your shipping by picking up your paddles directly from me.

Paddle orders must be paid in full in advance. Checks are preferred, but you may also pay by credit card through my PayPal online payment system. Paddles are generally delivered/available within one week of the order.

To order paddles:
-Send an email to, that includes your shipping info, and which model, size and quantity paddles you would like.  I will send you an invoice with your order info and when your payment is complete, your paddles will ship directly to you.

WWW.NighthawkCanoes.Com    651-645-9956 

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