Canoe trim and Gunwale Color

Nighthawk offers three options for gunwales and trim:

Aluminum,  Black Aluminum, and Ash Wood. 

Aluminum (silver): 

Notes: This is similar to the standard gunwale used on many other Kevlar canoes.  Silver anodized finish.  Thwarts and handles match the silver color of the gunwales. 

Black Aluminum: Black anodized finish.

Notes: This is the same gunwale as the standard aluminum, only with a black-anodized finish.  They look super sharp, and some paddlers feel that the black finish helps to reduce glare and eye strain.  Thwarts and handles match the black gunwales.

Wood Gunwales: Handmade from Ash wood

Notes:  Wood gunwales look great by contrasting the natural wood and the high-tech Kevlar® or carbon fiber of the canoe shell.  Also features Ash thwarts, handles and end-caps.  This option will be a few pounds heavier than the aluminum options. All wood parts are sealed  with varnish to minimize maintenance. +5-7 lbs.

Silver Gunnels Canoe         Black Gunnels canoe

Canoe Gunwales

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