Light, Strong, Beautiful Custom-Built Kevlar Canoes

Pegasus 18.5′ Large Kevlar Canoe

Nighthawk Canoes, Pegasus 18.5



Length: 18’6″   Width: 36″ Weight: ~47 lbs. Depth: 14″  Bow Height 20″   Rocker: 1.5″   Shallow Arch Hull

Choose the Pegasus for two-plus paddling; it’s a large kevlar canoe.  This can be an expedition canoe, or the best family canoe you’ve ever paddled.  The Pegasus features the highest capacity, greatest stability and greatest speed of our tandem models.  This is an excellent flat-water tripping canoe, and a great match to large loads, big water, bigger paddlers and longer trips.  Easy for two paddlers to manage, it can be ordered in 2, 3 or 4-seat configurations.  Choose this model if you want a tandem canoe with high capacity, the best stability, or room for extra paddlers.  Max recommended load, 950 lbs.  

Favorite Configurations:
2 seat stock:  Outstanding capacity and stability with easy paddling.
3 seat:  Room for family and gear
4 seat:  Take everyone along
Combinations of drop-in or removable seats for ultimate flexibility.
My favorite set-up on this canoe is 3 seats, padded yoke plus a drop-in seat or removable 4th seat.   

4-seat Pegasus in ultralight, with contour seats and Red Kev-Carbon Finish.

4-seat Pegasus in blue, with foam core, portage pads, custom seat placement and seat backs.  

4-seat Pegasus with custom seat placement.  


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