Light, Strong, Beautiful Custom-Built Kevlar Canoes

Custom Boat Series

Based on the assembly process developed for our Corvus and Lynx series kayaks, Nighthawk Canoes is now proud to offer custom series boats.

These boats are lightweight, finished in attractive carbon fiber (or other Nighthawk Canoes custom finish options), and built to order with specs to match your intended use.  All boats are one-off, built-to-order, but are competitively priced similar to existing Nighthawk Canoes’ Carbon Fiber canoes.
For customers who need a canoe not currently represented in our lineup, the custom series allows you to get just what you need, be that a smaller solo canoe, a wider fishing canoe, or even a specialty rowing canoe or row boat.  Contact Nighthawk Canoes directly for details, options and pricing.
Current Custom designs:

-Packboat style small solo canoe (Blue)   This is a docile 14′ solo canoe, and can also be ordered in 13 or 12-foot lengths as well.

-Custom Nighthawk Canoe (Green)  This is a 17′ version of the Nighthawk Leo model canoe.  This represents a size in-between existing Nighthawk Canoes line up, and can be ordered shorter, longer, wider, and with any configuration of seats.

-Classic rowboat (Red).  This is a classic 12′ rowboat, built in lightweight composite.  Narrow, fast rowing hulls are also available.

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