Light, Strong, Beautiful Custom-Built Kevlar Canoes

Kayaks and Custom Series

The Custom Series is currently in development and will include Kayaks, and may include specialty canoes, special versions of existing Nighthawk Canoes, and possibly some rowboats and other small boats.

Kayak Models:

Corvus -series touring kayaks.  Sizes: 17’4″, 16’6″ and 15’8″  Sleek-paddling kayaks, with strong tracking, and comfortable stability.  Excellent for long-distance cruising, or day-tripping.  Custom sizes available for larger or smaller paddlers.

Lynx -series transitional kayaks.  Sizes: 14’6″, and 13’3″.  Outstanding all-around kayaks.  For paddlers who want efficient cruise, but a larger / more comfortable cockpit, easier entry, and more compact size.  Stable, docile handling, while preserving good touring and cruise performance.


Shown above, Composite build style, 17′ kayak


Composite:  A combination of carbon fiber, kevlar and fiberglass, available for all custom series boats.  Impressively lightweight, with a rigid hull for predictable handling, and gorgeous composite finish.  Kayaks are built in your choice of color with a carbon fiber hull (black, or hybrid- blue, red, or yellow) or traditional white hull, with reflective ‘glass or solid color top deck.

“Glass Bottom”:  There will be an option on the composite Lynx kayak to add a “glass bottom” clear cockpit window, so you can see details in shallow water underneath the kayak.



Other models: Lighter weight canoes, a custom-design  (one-off boats to suit customer specs), and even a lightweight rowing boat are all in the works.

Shown below: prototype versions of the Corvus 17 touring kayak, and Lynx 14 with “glass bottom”





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