Light, Strong, Beautiful Custom-Built Kevlar Canoes

In stock, details

In stock:

1) Cygnus 16, Lightweight Kevlar®

2-seat version, (can be modified into 3-seat version.)

Cygnus 1

2) Leo 17, Lightweight kevlar.  (can be modified into 3-seat version)

3) USED: Cygnus 16


This is a Cygnus 16 that was used as my demo canoe and personal canoe for a few years.  Has unique blue-color composite finish.  It is in good condition…B or B+.  Some scratches on the bottom, and on the gunwales, but was always stored indoors, so no UV damage.

This was a project canoe for me, and had a few extra accessories installed at one time.  I have restored the canoe to standard 2-seat Cygnus configuration.  Some patches are visible, and marks where supports were previously attached.  (See photos below)   Canoe weighs just 44 lbs.  Close ups of the skids are included to show use, but little wear on the canoe.  I.e.  there are some cosmetic markings on the canoe from normal use and the previous configuration, but it is in good condition and fully usable as a standard canoe now.

I have left the center seat mounts in place, and am including the extra seat and front thwart and mounting hardware, so you can use the center (solo-paddling) seat if you choose, just by installing it with a few bolts.




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