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Currently for sale:

Carbon Corvus 17 Kayak

Prototype model, Carbon Composite version, Corvus 17 Kayak.  $1500

17′ long, 22.5″ wide.  Cockpit opening measures 17″ wide x 34.5″.  Fits 2.2 size cockpit cover or spray skirt.  Weight is just 44 lbs

Bottom deck color:  Hybrid Carbon Fiber, Blue, Top deck: yellow

Features: Upgraded comfy seat, foot braces, back band, 3 hatches, full deck rigging, carry handles.  Thigh braces included.  Reinforced skids.

What to expect: Straight-tracking, very smooth paddling… efficient cruise.  Medium stability.  Recommended for Intermediate or above level paddlers, medium or large size adult.

Notes:  The composite finishing process is the same as I use on my canoes, and is very clean.   Kayak has been in the water, but virtually no scratches on the kayak.  As a prototype, some things are not as tidy as I’d like: yellow color does not cover perfectly evenly, and some things about the coaming and hatch mounting aren’t perfectly tidy.  Interior materials do not match (used some scrap pieces on the inside only).   But everything is water tight, and the shape is clean, straight, tough and watertight.  Looks really sharp and unique!  Price reduced to $1500

img_6891 img_6900 img_6893 img_6896


Prototype Corvus 17, Lightweight Polycarbonate

This is closer to the final design version of the Corvus 17.  I love the handling of this kayak… very stable, but still sleek and smooth in the water.  Spectacular 36 lb weight.   Blue and white color.

24″ wide, 17′ long.  Cockpit opening measures 17″ wide x 34.5″.  Fits 2.2 size cockpit cover or spray skirt.

Includes: seat, back band, foot braces, carry handles, 1 access hatch.

This is a prototype and I have reduced the price for cosmetic reasons only.  Handles great… predictable, stable and is straight and true.   $500.





Prototype Lynx 14 “Glass Bottom”

This is the prototype version of my transitional kayak, the Lynx 14.  Paddles nicely and very stable.  Entirely unique paddling experience with clear cockpit.  Large coaming allows better views and easier entry and exit of the kayak.

14’6″ long, 25″ wide.  Cockpit opening: 19″ x 38″.  Weight: 56 lbs $600

IMG_5665 DSCF2640 IMG_5667 IMG_5669 IMG_7336 IMG_7345


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