Light, Strong, Beautiful Custom-Built Kevlar Canoes


Nighthawk Resin Works:

 custom live edge river tables


Beautiful, Unique and Practical

(Same builder and workshop as Nighthawk Canoes.)

Mulbery Accent table

Tables come in a variety of sizes, from accent coffee tables, to full family dining tables.

Red Cedar Dining table

BEAUTIFUL: Natural, live edge appearance.  Rich, continuous wood grain.  Textured, colorful “river” features.

PRACTICAL:  Straight edges, standard or custom dimensions, and functional easy-clean surfaces.

UNIQUE: Each one from built from unique, hand-selected, premium, live edge slab wood.  No two alike.


Art quality, functional pieces for your home and office.

Mesquite Coffee Table. 42 x 23 Blue River, Maple Wood and Black Border, Signature Finish

Osage Wood Coffee Table, Blue river, Black border, Signature Epoxy Finish

Black Walnut Table, Blue River, 48 x 40, Epoxy Clear Coat

Black Walnut Dining Table, Blue river, oil finish 84 x 44

Black Walnut Breakfast Table, Blue river feature, Epoxy Clear Coat, 48 x 30

Custom Mini Bench. Black Walnut, Silver River, Oil Finish

Elm Bench, Blue-Green river feature, Signature epoxy finish. 44x 16

Black Walnut Custom Size Table, Blue River, Epoxy Clear Coat

Cherry Charcuterie Board.  With maple and purple heart trim.


Or customer Order:

-Pick your table size and dimensions: Accent table, Coffee Table, End Table, 4-place Dining, or 6-place dining

-Pick your wood (Black Walnut, Red Cedar, or other)

-Pick your river color (Blue, Black, Silver or many other options)

-Pick Optional border

-Pick your finish

-Pick your base


Finish options:

Signature Finish looks great and is durable, low maintenance and easy clean.  This is an epoxy finish, but with lower reflection / glare than standard epoxy coating.  I.e. a middle option between epoxy and oil finish for appearance, with higher overall durability than either!

Oil finish for a more traditional wood furniture look.  Very durable… wood grain looks and feels very natural.  Easy to maintain and repair.  Easy clean up with soap and water, but not compatible with counter-top or window-type surface cleaners.

Traditional epoxy coating.  Practical and attractive.  Easy-clean, mirror-smooth surface.  Shows fine detail in the wood and in the river details of the piece.


Standard / Suggested table sizes:

Accent Table: 32″ x 20″   A smaller coffee table to go with a loveseat or recliner.

Coffee Table: 44″ x 24″   This length (40″-44″) works well in front of a standard 3-seat sofa.

Breakfast Table: 48″ x 30″  The most versatile size… a nice dining table for 2-4 adults, good size for a desk, writing or craft table.   On a shorter base, can be set up as an especially large coffee table.

Dining Table: 72″ x 42″  Classic full table… easily seats 6 adults

Or order custom dimensions to fit your space!

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