Light, Strong, Beautiful Custom-Built Kevlar Canoes


Nighthawk Resin Works:

 custom live edge river tables


Beautiful, Unique and Practical

(Same builder and workshop as Nighthawk Canoes.)

Mulbery Accent table

Tables come in a variety of sizes, from accent coffee tables, to full family dining tables.

Red Cedar Dining table

BEAUTIFUL: Natural, live edge appearance.  Rich, continuous wood grain.  Textured, colorful “river” features.

PRACTICAL:  Straight edges, standard or custom dimensions, and functional easy-clean surfaces.

UNIQUE: Each one from built from unique, hand-selected, premium, live edge slab wood.  No two alike.


Art quality, functional pieces for your home and office.

Mesquite Coffee Table. 42 x 23 Blue River, Maple Wood and Black trim, Signature Finish


Black Walnut Table, Blue River, 48 x 40

Black Walnut Dining Table, Blue river, oil finish 84 x 44

Black Walnut Breakfast Table, Blue river feature, 48 x 30

Elm Bench, Blue-Green river feature, Custom low-glare epoxy finish. 44x 16

Black Walnut Custom Size Table

Cherry Charcuterie Board.  With maple and purple heart trim.

Black Walnut Book Matched Coffee Table


Signature Finish:  Fully epoxy coated, with a special final coat that reduces glare and increases durability and scratch resistance.


Or customer Order:

-Pick your table type: Accent table, Coffee Table, End Table, 4-place Dining, or 6-place dining

-Pick custom dimensions to fit your space.

-Pick your wood (Black Walnut, Red Cedar, or other)

-Pick your river color (Blue, Black, Silver or many other options)

-Pick Optional border

-Pick your base


Finish options:

-Signature Finish looks great and is durable, low maintenance and easy clean

-Oil finish for a more traditional wood furniture look.  Easy to maintain and repair.

-Traditional epoxy coating.  Practical and attractive.  Easy-clean, mirror-smooth surface.

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