Ultra Light Canoes 

Our Ultra Lightweight canoes are the lightest weight kevlar composite canoes available.

Our Ultra Light canoes are built with a foam core build technique, resulting in even lighter weight.  

These Light Canoes are 4-6 pounds lighter than our standard lightweight canoes, for the ultimate in lightweight kevlar canoeing.  Lightweight canoes with this option are built with two full layers of kevlar, rib-reinforced side-walls, reinforced skids, a foam core floor, and lightweight seats.  Weight is saved through our extremely resin efficient hand-finishing process.  The canoe is very reliable structurally, and feels stiff and fast in the water (will not oilcan or deform under way).  This is the option if you need a light canoe that is even lighter than other kevlar canoes.

The Leo 17 pictured below, weighs just under 37 pounds.  

Cygnus Model Canoes at 33-34 lbs including webbed seats

Leo Model Canoes at 37-38 lbs with webbed seats.

Light Canoe

Ultra light foam core canoe

Bucket seats shown, Webbed seats available.

These canoes have a slightly stiffer feel than our basic lightweight canoes, and should be considered "wet feet" canoes for loading and launching.  There is a minimal charge for this option.  You may custom order this option in combination with our carbon fiber, or hybrid carbon fiber finish, and with black or silver aluminum trim.  It is not recommended with epoxy color, or wood trim options as these options would partially or fully cancel out any weight savings.    

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