Light, Strong, Beautiful Custom-Built Kevlar Canoes


Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer a solo model?

Yes.   The Columba is a solo canoe.  The Cygnus is also available in a single-seat model.

Can you do repairs on my current kevlar canoe?

Yes, subject to available shop time.

Do you have kayaks?

Premium composite kayaks are now available through our custom boats series!

Do you offer a square-stern model?

Yes, square stern is an option through our custom boats series!

What else can you say about your designs and performance?

There are naturally trade-offs in any design problem.  I have designed these canoes to be as fast as a stable canoe can be.  They are very easy to paddle.  Canoes that are much faster become tippy and hard to control.  In a Nighthawk Canoe, it is easy to stay centered, even with a light load, or calm water.  You don’t feel like you are fighting to keep the canoe balanced… if you sit still, the canoe will stay centered.  There is also enough arc and rocker in the hull to make rough water surprisingly easy to navigate.  This is a hard-to-find balance of performance features, giving very good speed and glide, and a comfortable paddle stroke, along with reassuring stability and tame handling characteristics in a variety of conditions.

These are excellent canoes, and well-balanced for flat-water travel.


How are your canoes different from canoes from the larger manufacturers?

Overall my canoes are tougher and tend to be more stable and more comfortable than typical lightweight touring designs.  They also tend to compare favorably with respect to weight and paddling performance.  The finish is glossy smooth and the canoes are of excellent quality.  I use one of the best and strongest (and most expensive) epoxy systems available.  My particular manufacturing technique yields a glossy smooth exterior, with a slightly less smooth interior.  I.e., you may be able to feel some texture (no sharp edges though) to the surface around the ribs and flotation compartments.  This process relies more on hand-crafted finishing than specialized building equipment, but produces excellent results, with an overall weight savings.  These canoes are handmade at every point of assembly: handmade molds, hand-laid fabrication, hand-finished (no vacuum bagging), and handmade final assembly.

Since I don’t buy materials by the truckload, I can actually offer far more material options than anyone else and not force you to choose from whatever I have chosen to stock.  I believe Nighthawk Canoes to be the equal or better of anything else on the market.  Competitive pricing is achieved through low inventory, no storefront expenses, and purchasing direct from the manufacturer.

Why Nighthawk?

Nighthawks are my favorite bird: sleek and fast and often found hunting near water.

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