Light, Strong, Beautiful Custom-Built Kevlar Canoes

For Sale (in Stock)

In Stock:

Leo 17, Carbon Fiber, 45 lbs Sale: $3045.00

Cygnus 16, Lightweight Kevlar®, 42 lbs,   Sale $2545

Ask to add optional center / third seat to any of these canoes for $165!






Order before June 1 and receive free mid-atlantic or southeast delivery on in-stock canoes.


Special Order Canoes* (see note below):

-Pegasus 18.5 Canoe, Sale Price $2695

-Columba 16 Solo Canoe, Regular $2695,  Sale Price $2345

* Note on Special Order Canoes:  I do not always have the Pegasus and Columba canoes in stock, as customers seem to particularly prefer custom orders for these models.  That said, I almost always have materials on hand to build stock canoes, and a stock canoe can be complete in as little as two weeks.

Free or reduced-price delivery available in highlighted areas of map.  Shipping available nationwide.



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