Light, Strong, Beautiful Custom-Built Kevlar Canoes

For Sale (in Stock)

In Stock:

Cygnus 16,(New) Lightweight kevlar® Version, $2645,  40 lbs

Leo 17, Lightweight Kevlar® 2695, 44 lbs

Cygnus 16, (used), $2200, 2- seat, Blue.  Can be set up with optional center seat (included).  44 lbs



Special Winter delivery rates available now to southern states and parts of east coast.

More info on the above canoes:


Special Order Canoes* (see note below):

-Pegasus 18.5 Canoe, Sale Price $2695

-Columba 16 Solo Canoe, Regular $2695,  Sale Price $2345

* Note on Special Order Canoes:  I do not always have the Pegasus and Columba canoes in stock, as customers seem to particularly prefer custom versions of these models.  That said, I almost always have materials on hand to build stock canoes, and a stock canoe can be complete in as little as two weeks.

Free or reduced-price delivery available in highlighted areas of map.  Shipping available nationwide.



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